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Pembelian borong : 15 helai dan ke atas

Hubungi kami :

**Sila membuat bayaran dalam masa 2 hari selepas tarikh tempahan.

**Jika anda gagal membayar dalam tempoh yg ditetapkan,
tempahan anda akan digugurkan tanpa pemberitahuan dari pihak kami.

**Sekiranya anda ingin membuat bayaran lewat dari jangka masa 2 hari, sila maklumkan :)

**Jika ingin membatalkan tempahan, sila lah beritahu kami k,
kesian kita simpan order awak lama-lama, tak jadi beli pun.

Terima kasih atas sokongan anda semua :)

Shawls2u Team

Terma / Syarat


  • First come first serve basis
  • Any booking/ reservation of the item will be valid for 3 working days, after that will be back on sale again.
  • All sales are finals. Serious buyers only. No back outs, exchanges, refunds, & cancellations are allowed once sold.
  • Goods sold are new and in a good condition. We will not be held for any responsible for any loss or damages incurred during posting.
  • Postage fees are to be beared by buyers.
  • Pos Laju : 1-4 items RM 7 (WM) RM 10 (EM)
  • ++additional item will be charged accordingly

How To Order?
  • Fill in the order form HERE
  • Wait for our reply trough email.
  • Make payment and inform us (through email/sms ONLY)
**You should received your item(s) within a week after the payment.

Are u from BRUNEI or SINGAPORE? No you can make the order and we will post to u.
Here the info.


You can make payment via Maybank by using Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (TT transfer). It will take almost 4 days to transfer. Otherwise, you also can go to any bank that provide Western Union.

For postage fees:

Malaysia-Brunei-If using Pos Laju Malaysia: First 500gm = RM 43.00
(required 2-3 days)
If using Register Post : First 500gm = RM 23.90
(required 12 days)
If using Pos Laju Malaysia: First 500gm = RM 40.00
(required 2 days)
If using Register Post : First 500gm = RM 19.50
(required 12 days)

Thanks for purchasing with us ;)

Wani & Ija